Be one of the curators or nominate someone for being the voice of “WeAreFFM” for one week. If you want to be curator in a free week (see calendar below) feel free to tell us and apply now!

Start of the project was: Sunday, 26th of August 2012.

Week 1: Dimitri Reifschneider, @dimin_o

Week 2-5: Sabrina Goethals, @goethalss

Week 6: Philip Hubertus, @philiphubs

Week 7: No one / Niemand 😦

Week 8: Charlotte Steggal, @charlotte_steggz

Week 9: Nicole Lücking, @photostroller

Week 10: Tine Nowak, @tinowak

Week 11 & 12: Daniel @Privatsprache

Week 13: Monika Koenig @mons7

Week 14: Bulent Yusuf @bulentyusuf

Week 15: Andreas Schepers @andreasschepers

Week 16 & 17 : Jonas Stallmeister @stallmeister

Week 18: José @sancho_p

Upcoming weeks? What about you? 😉


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